About us

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Future Food Technologies is proven supplier of industrial technology for cooling and freezing food products. Our systems provide many innovative solutions that optimize processes, increase food safety as well as improve yields and profitability.

With almost 15 years of experience in commercial chilling and freezing in the food industry, we successfully implement and deliver spiral and tunnel systems for chilling and freezing in IQF standard (individually quick frozen).

Our systems can be designed to use ammonia, Freon or CO2.

We supply individually tailored systems depending on specific product and production line requirements of our customers.


Our systems to date helped many of their users to achieve required goals, to commercially freeze or chill their products, but also, what was more important our systems helped with stable growth of their businesses thanks to possibility to control safety of their products. All of that mainly thanks to hygiene oriented solutions that eliminate bacteria growth at the last stage of the production line, where unpacked products can be exposed to dangerous contamination before packaging.

Thanks to custom solutions for different industries, we are able to carefully solve complicated problems specific for each industry.

We deliver our systems mainly, but not only, to following industries: meat and poultry, ready meals, fish and seafood, bakery and diary.